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42" Slim Auto Folding Umbrella
  As low as: $6.30  
Shelter Pod Dome Shaped Vinyl Umbrella
  As low as: $6.51  
58" Folding Golf Umbrella
  As low as: $9.56  
58" Vented Folding Golf Umbrella
  As low as: $11.13  
62" Course Vented Golf Umbrella
  As low as: $15.84  
Non-woven Patio/ Beach Umbrella
  As low as: $17.94  
60" Square Golf Umbrella
  As low as: $21.76  
Promotional Umbrellas
Custom umbrellas are unique way for companies to leave an impact with their promotional items. Not utilized by many companies, custom umbrellas can leave a lasting impression every time a customer pops open your umbrella. Available in many different styles, colors and purposes, Score Promotions can customize your umbrellas for all occasions. Have your logo on top of everybody’s mind with custom umbrellas. Contact one of our sales representatives to help get you started.
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