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The Walk - Retro Pedometer
  As low as: $1.70  
Trackfast Step Pedometer
  As low as: $2.04  
Stayfit Training Pedometer
  As low as: $3.41  
Get In Step colour Stopwatch
  As low as: $3.64  
Safety Flash Pedometer
  As low as: $4.06  
Solar-Powered Pedometer
  As low as: $4.70  
Marathon Solar Pedometer
  As low as: $5.13  
Stayfit Radio Pedometer
  As low as: $8.56  
Stayfit ProStep Multi-function Pulse Pedometer
  As low as: $8.56  
Sportline My Goal Step Pedometer
  As low as: $9.41  
Sportline Solo 915 Heart Rate Watch
  As low as: $51.41  
Pedometers and Stopwatches
Daily exercise is proven to enhance brain power, relieve stress and boost energy. With majority of the population exercising daily to reap the provided benefits, a new spike in fitness equipment has occurred. Customized Pedometers and Stopwatches is an easy way to promote your business and reach targeted audiences. Personalized Pedometers and Stopwatches are a suitable way for spreading brand awareness and promoting a healthy living with pharmacies, gyms, healthcare facilities, health practitioners, and hospitals. Having personalized Pedometers and Stopwatches will help you and your customers live a healthier life one step at a time.
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