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Round Tape Measure
  As low as: $0.49  
Proton Flashlight/Whistle
  As low as: $0.64  
Simple Touch LED Flashlight With Key Chain
  As low as: $0.70  
Rectangular Key-Light
  As low as: $0.73  
Ribbon KeyTag
  As low as: $0.76  
Gauge On A Keychain
  As low as: $0.84  
Nitro Felt Key Strap
  As low as: $0.93  
On-The-Go Flatware Set
  As low as: $0.93  
Pull-Lite Flashlight With Key Chain
  As low as: $1.01  
The Classic Sunglass Clip
  As low as: $1.27  
Stainless Steel - Dog Tags
  As low as: $1.70  
Lantern Aluminum Mini Flashlight
  As low as: $1.70  
Happy Nest Measuring Set
  As low as: $1.71  
Key Pal Double Ring Key Chain
  As low as: $1.83  
Multi-purpose Tape Measure
  As low as: $1.87  
The Serratura Key Chain
  As low as: $1.87  
Garrity Lithium White LED Lite
  As low as: $1.96  
Cool Gear Snack To Go
  As low as: $1.99  
Classic Magic Key Chains
  As low as: $2.06  
Express Line Dog Tag
  As low as: $2.07  
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Score Promotions offers a wide variety of custom auto accessories and tools. Custom auto accessories are suitable for automotive businesses and safety campaigns. Safety equipment and tools are a must have for all cars, boats and trucks. Thoughtful and useful promotional products are the most impactful and custom auto accessories and tools will leave a lasting impression. Customize auto accessories and tools with your logo, phone number or other information valuable to your customers. Score Promotions has a variety of products available such as ice scrapers, sunglass clips, sun visors, air pumps, emergency lights, knives, multi tools, flashlights and much more. Call today to help us help you.
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