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On-The-Go Flatware Set
  As low as: $0.93  
Happy Nest Measuring Set
  As low as: $1.71  
Cool Gear Snack To Go
  As low as: $1.99  
Munch N' Go Lunch Container With Cutlery
  As low as: $4.24  
Trainer On the Go Salad Bowl
  As low as: $4.79  
Color Dip Salad Bowl Set
  As low as: $5.04  
  As low as: $6.84  
Stayfit Soup To Go
  As low as: $7.70  
Stayfit Lunch To Go
  As low as: $7.70  
Easy Press Stainless Steel Pepper Mill
  As low as: $7.70  
Stayfit Deluxe Salad Kit
  As low as: $8.13  
Gourmet Trio
  As low as: $9.86  
The Swiss Force Edge Ceramic Knife Set
  As low as: $11.13  
Easy Press Combo Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Mill Gift Set
  As low as: $14.56  
Swiss Force 5" Ceramic Knife
  As low as: $15.41  
Duo Salt & Pepper Mill
  As low as: $16.27  
Medium Bamboo Cutting Board With Rubber Grips
  As low as: $18.24  
Bobble Jug
  As low as: $20.56  
6 Pc Rubberwood Cheese Set
  As low as: $25.10  
5 Pc Folding Cutting Board Set
  As low as: $27.41  
Kitchenware is a unique way to grab the attention of your customers and anyone who comes across the item. Unlike traditional promotional items, kitchenware serves as a long-term product used in day to day activities. Customizable kitchenware allows you to take advantage of unbranded everyday appliances and turn them in to marketing tools. Brand all your bowls, knives and cutting boards to spread awareness and use unutilized space. Ideal for restaurants, bars, hotels and all food and beverage related companies. Order today to take advantage of our price discounts.
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