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Letter Opener
  As low as: $0.47  
Magnetic Memo Holder Clip
  As low as: $0.56  
Logo-Blox™ Screen Cleaner
  As low as: $1.10  
Mini Stapler
  As low as: $1.19  
LED Book Light
  As low as: $2.10  
Full Size Stand-up Stapler
  As low as: $2.53  
Bamboo Canister
  As low as: $7.01  
Desk Accessory Box
  As low as: $13.70  
Desktop Accessories
Custom desktop accessories are a subtle way to promote your organization through daily use items. Personalized desktop accessories are used and enjoyed by many for their functional purposes. Mini staplers, letter openers, rubber band holders, lights, organizers, fans and many more are examples of items that can be customized by score promotions! All logos are placed strategically for maximum visibility to ensure your message and brand is noticed and appreciated throughout the life of the product. Call today to get unique promotional items for your next giveaway.
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