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Top 6 Thoughtful Farewell Gifts for Coworkers

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How to Pick a Thoughtful Gift?

Getting Corporate promotional gifts for your employee doesn't need to be a daunting task.

Thinking carefully about the receiver is the key to selecting a truly thoughtful gift.

Taking these things into consideration will help you select the perfect farewell item(s) for your colleague.

1. Consider what they are most enthusiastic about

Everyone has a different set of values. This is what defines each and every one of us.

Think about what is important to your colleague. Do they value sustainability? Are they keen on supporting charitable organizations? Considering your colleagues values will help you come up with a unique and thoughtful gift idea.

2. Think about how they consume their free time

Are they adventure seekers always looking for the next thrill?

Are they passionate about cooking and enjoy weekends testing new recipes in the kitchen? Do they enjoy travel and wine tours? Or perhaps nothing pleases them more than a family afternoon spent baking cookies, playing games, and watching movies. Taking these things into consideration will help you find the perfect gift.

3. Think about what makes them smile

When was the last time you saw this person's face light up? What makes this individual happy? What makes them laugh? What excites them? This is another thing to take into consideration as you select the perfect gift for your departing colleague.

4. Budget

How much you are willing to spend is one of the most crucial factors when purchasing

a farewell present for a departing co-worker. Before making any purchases, determine

a budget and stick with it.

5. Practicality and Usefulness

Although it may be tempting to want to celebrate your former colleague’s new job

by giving them an expensive or humorous present, you should also think about if

your gift is practical. Gifts that can be put to use outside of the office goodbye party

are more likely to be valued.

Taking into consideration all of these factors will help you to find the perfect farewell/hosting gifts for your colleague.

List of Gift Ideas

1. Personalized Mug

Consider gifting a personalized insulated mug if you aren’t sure what to get your colleague. Custom mugs are handy and make fantastic gifts.

2. Customized T-Shirt

Custom t-shirts also make a for a great gift option. Whether branding the t-shirt with a simple logo or creating a fully customized t-shirt the options are endless. Surprise and delight your recipient with a trendy customized tee.

3. Customized Backpack

Looking for something stylish yet practicable?

A branded backpack is a great gift option. Perfect for travel or day to day use backpacks are handy to carry computers, business gear or travel items.

4. Personalized Water Bottle

Keep you recipient hydrated on the go with a branded water bottle.

This makes for a practical gift option, plus, it’s great for the environment as well.

5. Customized Tote Bags

Totes make for a great gift option, and they are an environmentally friendly.

Add your company’s logo and keep it simple or create a fully customized design.

6. Personalized Hats

Personalized headwear is a cost-effective and stylish gift option that recipients will hang onto for years. Whether it be a toque or mesh back, hats can make for an excellent departing gift. Hats are great promotional items that offer a fashionable way to showcase your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is a thoughtful gift?

A. A thoughtful gift is a relevant gift; one that reflects the recipients' passions, loves and hobbies.

So, take some time to think about what your colleague truly enjoys. This will help you select the perfect gift.

Q2. What is the need for a personalized gift for businesses?

A. Making a personal connection with employees is the primary reason businesses purchase personalized gifts. A personalized gift tends to be more well received and special vs gifts that are more generic.

Q3. What are examples of branded farewell gifts?

A. The options are endless when it comes to branded farewell gifts. Listed in our blog are common farewell gift ideas. In addition, here are some other great options: branded blanket, branded basket of goods, branded cheese board, branded speaker, etc.


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