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How Custom Packaging Can Strengthen Your Brand

First impressions

Do you remember your last job interview? You probably put on your best dress clothes, spent extra time on your hair, and got to the location a couple minutes early. Why all the effort? It’s because you really wanted the job. You really wanted the job and knew that if you made a good first impression your chances of getting hired would be pretty good. The same can go for product packaging….. kind of. Besides a couple of clicks on your website, or cold calls, a customer’s first interaction with your brand may very well be unboxing their purchased goods. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that purchase will come in the infamous cheap cardboard packaging, not very exciting or memorable. Yes, it is a more cost-effective option but if you want to start building a strong customer loyalty base you need to stand out. You don’t necessarily need to go too fancy either, a simple logo and consistent color scheme can be all it takes to leave a lasting impression.

Is it really that important?

The short answer, yes. Like your company logo, your packaging can convey a lot about your business. This can include core values, origins, industry, culture, quality, and so much more. Will it most likely end up in the garbage immediately after being opened? Probably, but the impression it will leave can be invaluable. Whenever you see anything custom a few things may come to mind, professional, premium, exciting, effort, and, most importantly, memorable. Think of packaging as one of many ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. In saturated markets product differentiation can be difficult, so presentation might be the way to go. There is a plethora of design options available when choosing the right type of packaging, we’ll talk about that later.

More than just a package

Think outside the box, you can use your packaging as an opportunity for other avenues. Use the space as a blank canvas for marketing, for instance. Besides plastering your name, logo and company colors you can add promotions, URLs, contest information, or anything important you need to communicate. One example of this is to print an event schedule on complementary pop sockets when hosting events. This could be great way to You can also use your packaging to show support to causes that align with your brand. Bio-degradable boxes can be a great way to connect to the green community. You can even do something more short term, like pink packaging during breast cancer awareness month. If your company doesn’t associate with any specific cause it can personalize during the holiday season. Christmas or Easter themed packaging are very well received by consumers.

Sounds Great! But How does This Help Me?

I mentioned that using your packaging to communicate who you are to your consumer base is important, but why is that? Well, for one, it helps them get to know your brand and creates a unique relationship based on trust and promise. If you can communicate your company mission to your customers effectively, they will resonate with your products if they carry similar values. Let us use the bio-degradable boxes as an example. The Eco-friendly Trend has been soaring and individuals are emotionally connected to the cause. It’s a tough trend on business’ because they are partly responsible for the problem. Making an effort to “go green”, even if it’s as simple as limiting waste with packaging, shows you acknowledge and want to support the situation. You can take it a step further and use materials that fertilizes and plants seeds when discarded. Since consumers are so emotionally invested, they take that effort personal and begin to trust the intentions of your brand. Without making a single change to your core product, you just created value to your consumer base.

Bottom line

It may take a bit more money and time, but custom packaging can be a major asset to your brand. It will make you stand out amongst competitors and resonate well with customers. You’ll be seen as unique and memorable instead of just another cardboard box. You might be wondering how to get started? A simple google search will give you an endless list of companies that specialize in this market. Some will require you provide them digital proofs while others will help you design and bring your ideas to life. Luckily, we at Score Promotions offer both services.


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