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Promotional Marketing

At Score Promotions our commitment to innovation and creativity is central to our continued rapid growth and success.  Our mission is to inspire the world’s brands to discover the possibilities that promotional marketing creates.  It is proudly displayed on our walls at the center of our office.  Our partnership approach with our suppliers and clients sets us apart from traditional promotional product distributors, and elevates us to be a true promotional marketing agency. When it comes to our ideation, creativity, and product sourcing, our Account Management Team travels the globe to seek out and create new product trends, new supplier partners, new decorating equipment and technology from around the world. We do not simply print logos on products; we create products to exclusively represent our clients’ brands and tell their story.

Promotional Marketing

Kitting & Fulfillment

Our large Production Team handles quality control, kitting/split shipping, printing, packaging, and distribution to ensure the best client experience. In order to promote engagement and culture, the use of swag kits and shipping branded merchandise straight to individuals’ homes has skyrocketed (especially post-2020). In an increasing digital world coupled with direct to door services, consumers have become conditioned consumers to expect convenience. We believe that this should be no different when it comes to promotional products and branded merchandise. Swag kits combine culture, engagement and convenience by making recipients feel appreciated and connected through the experience of receiving something tailored specifically to them.  In order to promote engagement you must deliver an experience; swag is the best medium of delivering experience.

Kitting & Fulfillment

In-House Decoration

Score Promotions is proud to provide several exclusive services that differentiate us from our competition. Our in-house decoration department includes a variety of decorating capabilities which include: pad printing, heat transfer application, CO2 laser engraving and YAG laser engraving. Score Promotions also has the ability to bring prefabricated products in-house for additional decoration should our clients desire. Due to this we are able to decorate and even personalize products with variable data with shorter lead times. With additional access to exclusive in-stock products inventoried at our warehouse, we can further offer our clients more options that the rest of our competition. 

In House Decoration