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Increase ROI Using Promotional Items & Custom Business Products

Everyone loves receiving customized gifts! It's a fact. Studies show that nearly half of consumers would like to receive promotional products more often. When used properly, custom products and branded merchandise can perform several valid functions that increase ROI for your business. They’re effective for advertising, drawing in new clients, reminding clients of your existence, rewarding a client for loyalty or a referral, and making a new client more likely to do business with your company. When promotional items are used effectively you can achieve tremendous results.

Here are six tips to make promotional items work to the advantage of your business.

1. Enhance Experience at Sponsored Events -

This is more important than ever in a post-pandemic world where many events taking place have gone virtual. Since individuals are taking part in these events remotely creating an engaging experience is pivotal to the success of the overall event. Giving away custom products or branded kits is a great way to bridge the virtual gap and make participants feel connected. If your business is sponsoring a corporate event to lure in new clients, consider providing them with something they can use while working from home, something they can reuse, or something that they can engage with while social distancing.

2. Quality Product Selection -

Choose products that reflect your business or align with the theme of your event/campaign. This seems like a no-brainer but it is vital nonetheless. Pay attention to upcoming social awareness events like Mental Health Awareness Month in May, Pride Month in June, Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, and many more.

3. Personalization is Key -

The most effective way to give out a promotional item is to personally hand the item to the client or even personalize it with their name. During the pandemic it has become increasingly harder to do so; therefore, shipping items directly to clients' homes has become something we specialize in doing. Our large Production Team handles quality control, kitting/split shipping, printing, packaging, and distribution to ensure the best client experience. In order to promote engagement and culture, the use of swag kits and shipping branded merchandise straight to individuals’ homes has skyrocketed (especially post-2020). In an increasingly digital world coupled with direct to door services, consumers have become conditioned consumers to expect convenience. We believe that this should be no different when it comes to promotional products and promotional computer accessories. Swag kits combine culture, engagement and convenience by making recipients feel appreciated and connected through the experience of receiving something tailored specifically to them.

4. Reward with Rewards -

If you have a client that has really helped your business, a promotional item can be an inexpensive way of saying “thank you.” Not only does it foster loyalty, but it will also be a lasting reminder of your business. Other clients associated with their business may take notice of your product and it could strike up positive conversations in your business's favor. Try to use items with a long shelf-life. Research has shown that 81% of consumers hold on to promotional products for over a year. Think about something that they will incorporate into their everyday routines.

5. Give Variety & Choice -

With promotional products, there really are not any rules. You can get creative with design and application. Have a tier of products designed for first-time customers, long-term clients, business associates you have not heard from in a while. You can even offer a few different products and let the client choose which they prefer. This is a good strategy. If they wanted a new coffee mug, they are more likely to use it. In order to offer individuals choice in an increasingly digital world where convenience is key, Score Promotions offers many services including custom E-Store solutions. Custom Company E-Stores allows for easy-to-use interfaces and easy-to-remember web addresses so that employees can place orders quickly and efficiently. The ability to implement creative product selections at great price points means happy consumers! We provide simple shipping solutions and regular focused maintenance on your E-Store. We are always seeking out and onboarding the newest, most trusted, and efficient technologies to enhance our processes, and constantly improve the speed at which we service our clients. When it comes to company E-Stores we have partnered with the leaders in the industry.

6. Increase Corporate Culture -

Promotional items also make great gifts for employees. Provide employees with something to use in their everyday life. A great company culture leads to positive employee retention and a good work environment. Family members and friends can also help spread the word. When employees feel appreciated business results flourish.

There you have it. With a great design and clear goals, promotional items can become a very effective tool for small and large businesses alike. First, determine what items would work best for your business. Then decide on creative ways to give them away.

At Score Promotions our mission is to inspire the world’s brands to discover the possibilities that promotional marketing creates. Our partnership approach with our clients sets us apart from traditional promotional product distributors and elevates us to be a true promotional marketing agency. When it comes to our ideation, creativity, and product sourcing, our Account Management Team travels the globe to seek out and create new product trends, new supplier partners, new decorating equipment, and technology from around the world. We do not simply print logos on products; we create products to exclusively represent our clients’ brands and tell their stories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. How can you use promotional products effectively?

A. Improve a Sponsored Event. On the off chance that your business is supporting a corporate occasion to draw in new customers, consider giving them something they can bring home.

Q. Do promotional products increase sales?

A. The utilization of special things has been appeared to build deals. Subsequent to getting a limited-time item, 52% of respondents in a review done by PPAI worked with the promoter. Essentially, using special articles moves shoppers to contact you.

Q. Do Promotional Items Really Work?

A. It ends up, special items are as yet powerful. Individuals will consistently cherish getting free stuff, and PCs don't convey around there. It's no big surprise buyers are 2.5 occasions bound to have a positive assessment of promotion items contrasted with web publicizing.


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