2021: New Year, New Swag

When you think of the new year it is often synonymous with goal setting, refreshing, and evolving from the past year. With a year like the one we've just had there's no doubt that your business or brand may want to take on some of these practices by refreshing your brand & messaging. Whether you're launching a new strategy, tapping into more consumer insights, or even introducing a new product line, improving on your brand for the new year is always a good idea.

When making any changes to your brand it is important to always consider your own employees. They are the individuals that live and breathe your brand every day. Get them excited about changes and make those consistent - whether it's new business cards, new swag, or updated presentation decks & templates ensure that your brand and messaging is consistent throughout.

Overall when making changes to your brand it's important to consider your consumers and how they will experience your brand. Your brand and the messaging around it convey who you are to your customers. Think about what your customer values - is it convenience? Quality? Creativity? All of the above? When you are thoughtful about your brand's messaging you will create a representation that is all encompassing and timeless.