4 Successful Ways to Use Branded Merchandise in Sports

Sponsorships from various companies have always been synonymous with professional sports. From logos on the boards at hockey games, stadiums being named after companies to logos being on the jerseys of amateur and professional athletes alike. Professional sports are more than a game, they are a business and a very lucrative one at that. The number of companies that also take part in branded merchandise in sport goes to show the strong power that personalizing merchandise can have on the success of a company. Below, we have compiled a list of successful ways branded merchandise is used in sport to promote sponsorships and business.

  1. T-shirt toss. Fans still go wild these days for a good t-shirt toss. The chance to win something from a sports match excites fans and unites them all to dance and scream for a t-shirt. The best thing about this is that the t-shirt fans win can feature your company logo and brand. Fans are sure to wear the t-shirt they won at their favourite sports match for years to come and your company receives brand awareness. To make this even better, your company can pair with the sports team so both logos are present which is sure to encourage more fans to sport their favourite team with your company also benefiting.

  2. General merchandise and sports gear is another great way to incorporate your company logo in sports. While at games, fans are able to purchase a variety of branded merchandise from apparel stores. Whether it be buying the latest player’s jersey, baseball caps, keychains, clothing or home goods. Drew House, which is famously owned by Justin Bieber, recently came out with a clothing line featuring the Toronto Maple Leaf's hockey team. Fans are able to purchase hoodies, socks, jackets and more with this capsule collection. There are a variety of merchandise options for fans to purchase to help them represent and support their favourite player and team.

  3. Many teams in sports have various company logos as part of their uniform. Many amateur and professional sports teams often have company logos attached to their jerseys and water bottles. It is also very popular for professional sports teams to have stickers on their helmets with company logos. For example, the Buffalo Bills of the National Hockey League have the logo of one of their sponsors, KeyBank, stickered onto their helmets. Another example can be seen in the make and brand of various jerseys and sports equipment. Nike, Reebok, Under Armour and Adidas are common brands associated with sports equipment and apparel and are often represented well.

  4. Various branded merchandise placements are often strategically placed and used in professional sports. Ever notice the placement of Gatorade branded water bottles on the bench or the Hockey Night in Canada and CBC Sports logo on a sweat towel given to players for office interviews during the game? These are all subtle but noticeable ways that branded merchandise can be used.