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Back-to-School Promotional Products

After months of online learning, students are finally getting back into the classroom. It has been a hard year for many, and children being stuck at home has been difficult both on the students and their caregivers. At Score we believe that a return to in-person learning is something to celebrate! Spoil this year’s students with top of the line promotional products as we continue to celebrate progress in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

School supplies are crucial for active and effective learning for students of all ages, and it has been linked to improved grades in school, creativity, peer relationships, and overall confidence in education. Feeling prepared and organized as a student starts with school supplies to aid learning, and what better way to get students excited for the school year than with branded supplies.

As the world continues to open up, safety should still be the main priority. Score further offers high quality PPE and cleaning supplies to ensure that staff and students are staying safe when returning to the classroom. Featuring branded masks, sanitizers, among other PPE, it has never been easier to stay safe in style.

This is an exciting time for many students that are eager to get back into the classroom and reconnect with old friends, although it comes with hesitations as we prepare for the 4th wave of the pandemic. During these stressful times, the last thing that educators and parents should be worrying about is support for students. At Score, we are committed to providing the best service at the best prices to ensure a seamless transition.

Below are five of our best-selling products to aid to process of getting students back into the classroom:

This plastic twist ballpoint pen is the perfect classroom writing utensil with an engraved logo for eye catching prints. Available in five bright colours, this stylish pen is sure to bring a smile to your staff and students’ faces as we welcome them back into the classroom.

This sheet sticky notebook features an array of brightly coloured note papers to help your staff and students to organize their busy schedules. Available in four different colours, this product is sure to be an eye catching staple product in your desk.

This touch-free sanitizer dispenser is the perfect classroom piece to ensure that staff and students are staying safe and sanitizing their hands when entering the classroom. Featuring a refillable container and rechargeable battery, this sustainable product will save you from buying an endless amount of disposable sanitizer containers.

Being back in the classroom doesn't have to be intimidating when using this thoughtful and timely gift. Stay protected by wearing the eco-friendly, soft and reusable 2-ply bamboo mask, adjustable for all day comfortable wear. Carry the refillable liquid sanitizer pump that provides 50+ sprays of lemon scented sanitizer. Misty is conveniently sized for your pocket or purse and is an effective portable solution to kill surface bacteria on hands, as well as door handles and counter surfaces.

This set features a hardcover journal with a corked bottom and a colour matching elastic pen loop to ensure all of your supplies stay organized and stylish when taking notes or making to-do lists. This bundle set is perfect for both staff and students entering into the 2021/2022 school year.

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