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Welcome Gift for New Hire Employee During Onboarding- Gift Ideas

Onboarding is a process that new employees go through when they start working for a company. It includes everything from learning the company's culture to understanding their role and responsibilities. Onboarding is an exciting process for new employees, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Organizations can help to ease that stress by providing new hires with well thought out welcome kits.

How to make New Hire Orientation Engaging?

As a person adjusts to their new role and determines how they fit into the company culture, the first few weeks at a new job can bring on mixed feelings of enthusiasm and anxiety.

Make employee onboarding engaging with these simple steps below:

1. Create a Welcome Pack: This pack should contain everything new employees need on their first day. Items can include their badge, orientation schedule, and a fun gift from the team.

2. Engage them in activities: Team-building events and group workshops are great ways to get them acquainted with their colleagues and the company culture.

3. Let them help others: Help your new employees adjust by giving them simple tasks they can complete during their first few weeks at work. Helping complete tasks for others can get them

settled in and comfortable in the new environment.

Welcome Gift Ideas for New Employees.

The purpose of a welcome gift is to show appreciation for the new employee and to make them feel welcomed. Below are some ideas for new employee welcome gifts:

1. Gift Basket – This is an excellent option to welcome your new hire. It can include all necessary business items such as a mouse pad, office stationery, business cards etc. The basket can also include a personalized gift box of chocolates with different flavours as an added touch. Alternatively, you can pack all of these same goodies into a custom gift bag with branded tissue and ribbon.

2. Company Branded Swag - Branded swag can include mouse pads, water bottles, mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, backpacks, umbrellas, etc. Gifts customized with your business's logo are a great way to make new employees feel welcome. Plus, when employees are new they are typically most enthusiastic so this is a great time for them to participate as brand ambassadors sporting their new gear! Score Promotions in Canada can help you with any branded swag items for your valuable employees.

3. Books - Books are another great option for a welcome gift. A book about the organization, company culture and values can be a great option that is sure to surprise and delight your new hire.

4. Welcome Letter – A personalized handwritten welcome letter is also a nice touch for your new employee. Add this to their basket or gift bag to help make them feel welcome and appreciated from day one.

Corporate Gift Guide.

1. Gifting Strategy – There are many elements to consider when coming up with a gifting strategy. Here are some things to take into consideration. What is the purpose of the gift? What are you trying to achieve? What is your budget for the gift? Is this a one-time gift or will you send multiple gifts at pre-determined times? Thinking some of these things through will help you to develop your gifting strategy.

2. Gift Quality – Whether you have plenty of money to spend or you are on a tight budget, ensure you do not compromise on quality. The gift you distribute to your staff or customers is a reflection on your business so ensure the item is of quality.

3. Appropriate Gift - Corporate gift-giving is more challenging than personal gift-giving because of the numerous rules involved. While you want to provide a unique and exciting gift, you also need to ensure it is suitable for a professional setting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Q1. What makes an Excellent Corporate Gift?

A. When it comes to corporate gifts don’t overcomplicate it.

Think of something that your recipient would genuinely like to receive.

For example, if your recipient has a sweet tooth then a basket of goodies would be an appropriate option that the recipient would enjoy.

Q2. What is a Professional Gift?

A. Any present a business gives to employees or clients is considered a professional/corporate gift. Some examples include the following: Branded basket, branded box of chocolates, branded blanket, branded candle etc.

Q3. What is an Employee Welcome Kit?

A. A welcome kit is typically given to a new hire on their first day with the organization. Welcome kits can include items such as: an employee handbook, welcome letter, company swag (water bottle or coffee mug personalized with their names to provide a personal touch), office supplies (pens, markers, folders, notebooks), fitness bands, headphones or desk organizers.


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