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Creating an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy for your Business

Omnichannel marketing focuses on delivering a consistent, personalized experience for shoppers across all channels and devices. The guiding principle of omnichannel marketing is that it's shopper-based, not channel-based.

Benefits of Omnichannel Marketing:

With new trends emerging post-COVID-19, distributor businesses can no longer ignore the shift across the entire industry -- the digital revolution, millennial buying habits, and the emergence of e-commerce giants. There are a countless number of benefits to this approach, including:

Better customer retention rates:

With an increase in customer retention, brand loyalty will be at an all-time high creating lifelong relationships with consumers.

Turnover increase:

Increasing turnover equates to higher levels of inventory and can show efficiency within your company of selling products and services to your customer base.

Increase in client satisfaction and recommendation:

Who doesn't love a happy customer? With customer satisfaction increasing, your loyal customer base is likely to recommend your product or services to their peers!

Connecting the offline and online experience:

Merging the gap between online and offline experiences gives the consumer a seamless transition into the virtual world and allows for the easy line of communication that your trusted customers expect. Use swag effectively to drive connection & engagement in the age of covid-19.

Did you know?

  • The number of orders placed online and picked up at brick-and-mortar stores by customers grew 208% during the pandemic.

  • Brands who use omnichannel marketing experience 90% higher customer retention rates and 19% higher customer engagement rates

  • The average order value of businesses that use omnichannel marketing is 13% higher than single-channel marketing

  • Nearly 40% of customers expect to be able to contact the same customer service representative on any channel

Tips for Building an Effective Omnichannel Marketing Strategy:

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Ensuring that your website is accessible on any smartphone or mobile device allows for a seamless transition across nearly any platform that your customer may use to reach you. This includes providing cross-channel customer support.

Determine which channels your clients are most frequently using, and then capitalize on those findings. Investing your energy in platforms that may not be performing as well can be a waste of your time and money when creating content for your business.

Match your content with the marketing channel, making sure that you are complying with your target audience and desired channel. At times content that you post on your business's Facebook page may not be the same type of content that is suitable for your Instagram feed.

Segment your audience to allow for maximum exposure. Ensuring that you are posting content that is curated for your specific audience is a great way to stay relevant and up-to-date on the current trends.

Promotional Products to Boost your Customer's Omnichannel Marketing Experience

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Type with all five fingers, not just one? Count us in! Conductive fibres in the fingertips interact with touch screen devices while keeping your fingers warm while operating your touch screen devices. Compatible with most touch screen devices. You can find the best tech promotional products such as phone stands, chargers, powerbands, etc for your omnichannel marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What is the difference between Omni and Multi-Channel Marketing?

A. The main difference between multi-channel marketing and omnichannel marketing is that multi-channel marketing focuses on reaching out to customers through multiple channels that are independent of others while omnichannel marketing is an integrated approach where multiple channels work together.

Q. Is omnichannel marketing expensive?

A. Omnichannel marketing is cost-effective. It requires some investment in multiple tools and communication between these tools. But if done correctly, it can result in a high ROI. Promotional & Custom business products can also help in increasing ROI for your business.

Q. What are the advantages of omnichannel marketing?

A. Omnichannel marketing is an integrated approach to marketing that focuses on the combination of different channels and devices in order to target customers in a comprehensive way. The 2 biggest benefits of this approach are increased customer loyalty and increased sales.


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