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How to Boost Your Business With Social Media Influencers

Why Do You Need Social Media Influencers to Promote Your Brand?

In the new age of social media, influencers are taking the world by storm; the term ‘influencer’ is no longer restricted to A-list celebrities but has expanded to include any individual carrying a curated and reliable following in which they are able to promote products and services to followers. Many companies have capitalized on this shift by paying individual influencers to promote their business via social media through PR packages of various products.

What are PR packages?

PR packages are promotional in nature and are created and distributed to certain individuals who will boost awareness of your product. PR packages are specifically intended for a select number of influencers to promote the product to their followers. PR packages typically include products that your company is trying to promote, whether it be a new line of flavours, or your newest collection of items, the sky's the limit. Promotional apparel is also a good choice.

Why should my company send out PR packages?

  1. With PR packages, you have the ability to specifically target influencers whose followers align with your target market. This is a great way to reach your specified target market and attract new customers.

  2. Creating brand awareness is a huge perk of PR packages. When an influencer shares a post on their page, it is guaranteed to be seen by their followers. Influencers can have upwards of a million followers, creating a great opportunity for your business to get the word out about your company and the various products/services offered. Building your brand has never been easier than with the help of a familiar face!

  3. An influencer’s main role is also in the name - to influence. A follower may be more inclined to purchase something if they see someone they follow and admire using your product. You can also use marketing products like office promotional products to spread the word about your brand.

  4. Most influencers offer positive reviews of the items they receive in PR packages. This can encourage consumers to try out your product based on the positive reviews they hear.

  5. PR packages do not have to be extremely expensive. Your company can tailor what products they want to include and how many. The number of PR packages sent out can also be customized to meet the needs of your business and marketing goals. Other forms of marketing such as magazine ads and television commercials can be quite costly and may not generate as many views as social media influencers do with one post, so this is a great alternative

Bottom Line

Many companies have been developing, creating, and distributing PR packages to influencers for quite some time now. It is an aspect of marketing that will be continuing into the near future and one that has achieved vast success. With the rise of social media and the ability of influencers to promote your company’s product, it’s time to start incorporating PR packages into your next marketing campaign.

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