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5 Best Employee Appreciation Gifts Ideas in 2021

Importance of Staff Recognition -

As Fall approaches and we continue to further our transition back into the office, employee promotional kits and office swag is the perfect token of appreciation for your hard-working peers while they've been working from home.

Here are three reasons why you should use promotional kits to show staff appreciation this fall:

Employee Response -

Employees respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their hard work because it confirms their work is valued by their bosses and their peers. When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rise, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their exceptional work. Self-esteem is one of the main factors driving success, and the better your employee feels about themselves, the better they will feel about their work.

Effective Leadership

Appreciative leaders are often appreciated, leaders. Not only is staff appreciation a friendly recognition of exceptional work, but can reinforce a positive and inclusive environment within your workplace. This can vary from branded merchandise, awards, and recognition, or simply creating space to allow an open and honest dialogue in the workplace.

Employment Longevity -

Commitment to recognition can ensure that employees stick around! Training new employees annually is costly and time-consuming, and one method to avoid turnover is ensuring that your employees feel valued. Employees that feel recognized and appreciated are less likely to begin looking for alternative work options.

Staff Picks -

The Score team has compiled a list of a few of our favorite promotional workplace activation items for this fall season:

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our Promotional products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. How to Boost Workplace Morale Through Virtual Meetings?

A. Virtual Meeting and Team Discussion Sessions can be converted into fun meetings. Your company can have a virtual quiz night, can gather everyone for a virtual happy hour of casual conversation and food, Gather online for a fun zoom event or live singing, organize a meeting to appreciate members, and gift them coupons or gifts.

Q. What are the Benefits of Holiday Corporate Gifts?

A. Gifting employees, clients and even prospects is a great way to boost company morale, a higher chance of turning prospects into clients, creates positive brand image and reputation, a token of appreciation for your hard-working peers, a holiday gift is a great way to encourage employees to come back to work in the new year with a refreshed and positive attitude.

Q. What qualifies as a business gift?

A. According to the IRS, a business gift is a gift given "in the course of your trade or business." Some gifts could be classified as "entertainment," rather than a gift, for tax purposes -- like when you take a client to a baseball game.


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