5 Proven Tips to Improve Your Company's Instagram Marketing

Instagram is more than just a social media app where people post selfies, follow celebrities and like/comment on a variety of different posts. Instagram has the capabilities to completely transform your business and how it operates on a daily basis. Instagram is a platform that companies have been increasingly using to promote their business, their products and a variety of different causes or events they are involved in. With Instagram, the social media world can truly be your oyster. The best thing about it is that your company’s Instagram page can be completely tailored to what you envision for your company and can be run exactly how you want it to. Below we have compiled a list of different ways your business can take advantage of Instagram to better promote your company.

  1. Make sure that what you are posting on Instagram is relevant to your business. It is important that you do not confuse your followers as to what your business is, so having a clear and consistent page is a great way to attract and maintain your following. When an Instagram page posts a variety of different things that are unrelated to the purpose of the page, it can cause people to lose interest and unfollow.

  2. Consistency is crucial. Posting frequently on your company’s Instagram page is important, as it ensures that your followers are staying up to date on what is happening with your company. It also helps your page stay relevant on their feed. The last thing you want is for your followers to forget about your page. You want them to be fully informed at all times so daily postings are key.

  3. Curating your target audience is important to ensure engagement, and you can do this by simply following individuals that fit within your designated target market. If people receive a follow from your business, they may be interested in what you have to offer if it fits their needs. Chances are, if your business fits with what they need, they will follow you back. With this, these individuals may reach out to your company for their various business needs.

  4. Make sure that your business name is clearly displayed in the username and the profile photo of your account represents your business/logo well. It is also important to have a contact section to make it easy for your followers to get in contact with your company. Featuring a small summary about what the purpose and location of your business are can also be a good idea to include in the bio.

  5. High engagement starts with you! Responding to comments that people leave is a very effective way of interacting with your followers. It is a nice way to engage with your followers and build an online community that supports your business. Responding to direct messages your account receives in a timely manner is also important. Think of this aspect as an extra way of maintaining your company’s customer service.

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