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Why Having Weekly Team Meetings Can Benefit Your Workplace

Having weekly team meetings can benefit your workplace by fostering effective communication and collaboration, thereby reducing the risk of workplace burnout among employees. With many of us still working from home, and this trend looking like it is here to stay, it can be difficult to connect with team members on a daily, if not weekly basis. However, there are many benefits that meeting as a team whether in person or virtually can have on your business as well as overall company morale. Personal meetings allow for face-to-face interactions, fostering stronger relationships and non-verbal communication, while virtual meetings offer convenience, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to connect with individuals across different geographical locations. Additionally, having a personalized notepad and promotional pens during these meetings allows participants to jot down important points, action items, and ideas, ensuring that valuable information is captured and can be referred to later.

Below we highlight our top five reasons why every workplace should still check in at least once a week with everyone on the team.

  1. Allows individuals to still feel connected. This is a way for individuals to talk to colleagues face to face and get that human interaction that we all need. Working from home it can be difficult to connect with others with many of us being tempted to direct message rather than setting up a face to face meeting or a phone call. A simple one-hour meeting with all team members can help alleviate the feeling of being alienated from coworkers and the workplace.

  2. It can be a space where team members brainstorm together. Sometimes the best work that we can do is when we collaborate with other individuals. Gathering all together can create a safe and open space for everyone to share their ideas and build on the ideas mentioned. The team can have a higher chance of coming up with a great project idea together than each person doing it separately. This is also a great way to be more productive and get other tasks done that you may not have the chance to otherwise.

  3. Setting up a time at the end of the meeting for everyone to ask questions or ask for help can be a great way for people to get the productive help they need. One person on a team may be able to help more than others. When everyone on a team is gathered together this increases the chances of receiving help. This can be much more effective than an individual reaching out to everyone on the team separately and can potentially lead to more successful help and collaboration.

  4. Weekly team meetings are a great way to build and maintain company morale. Even if you do not have a specific purpose for the meeting, a weekly check-in can be a great way to gather as a team together to chat and catch up.

  5. These meetings can be a great motivator for everyone in the meeting. Whether your employees need a pep talk or some things are not going as strongly as you would like, a simple huddle is sure to encourage them to meet the goals and continue to strive for better.

No matter the reason you choose to hold a weekly meeting, it is sure to boost the way people feel about the work that they do, whether it is in person or working from home. It is important that we all stay connected and keep the overall goals of the company at the forefront of what we do. Your employees are sure to appreciate any effort you make in acknowledging and recognizing their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. How can weekly team meetings improve productivity?

A. When everyone on a team is gathered together this increases the chances of receiving help and thus helps in increasing Connection & Engagement productivity as weekly meetings improve coordination, communication, and an open environment for discussion without any judgement.

Q. Know what your employees need when they are working from home?

A. Many employees may feel the need to purchase their own office supplies since they are not in the office. It is important to take care of your employees and ensure they have the appropriate tools to complete their work.

Q. How to build Employee Client Relation when working virtually?

A. There are many benefits that meeting as a team whether in person or virtually can have on your business. Having an open workspace is important, organising team-building activities, weekly meetings to analyse performance, and rewarding employees with gifts can help Build Better Relation.


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