Here Are Some Tips on How To Return To The Office Post Lockdown

After more than a year of remote work brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are starting to reopen their offices—and workers have mixed feelings. Whether your team is returning to the office full-time or just a few days per week, this change to their new daily routines can feel daunting. How can you as a business & brand lessen the stress that comes with this change?

Promote Sanitary Practices in the Office

This historical global event has ingrained in our human culture a focus on the importance of health and safety. As a human population we have adapted to these circumstances and changed the way not only in which we interact with our physical environment, but also in the way we do business, purchase products, socialize, work out, and even more. What we have come to realize is that as humans we are resilient and able to adapt; these new routines we have adopted will not simply disappear. Ensuring that individuals feel comfortable and clean coming into the office is imperative for optimal efficiency and transition.

PPE & Sanitary Items

Ensure your office is readily equipped with PPE & sanitary items including but not limited to: sanitizer, surface cleaner, disposable & non-disposable masks, gloves, face shields, sanitary wipes & more. Score Promotions has a deep inventory of in-stock PPE & sanitary items.